A Conflict in my schedule

Ever had one of those days when the diary looks as colourful as a packet of M&Ms?…


A Conflict in my schedule

My diary is in conflict;

dates and times (red)

repeat appointments (black), reminders (green)

a kaleidoscope of multi-coloured busyness.


I’d be lost without my diary;

well, perhaps not quite lost,

I do have Outlook on the laptop and iPad

and there’s always my smart phone.


Did I mention my battered wall calendar?

steadfast and forever stoic

it invites a sideways glance

should technology disengage.


People like me need constant reminders;

the world demands my attention

on numerous fronts, and I cannot,

simply must not, let things slide.


My diary specialises in reminding, not

forgetting, never missing, for one

must stay connected, switched on,

organised and efficient, especially with emojis.


Busyness must be done well;

I’ve perfected the art of running around

accommodating (dare I say enduring)

the schedules of others.


But there are days when I just want to chill;

time off the merry-go-round

where the diary reads   brief window,

quiet space    coffee with self.


Brief window holds appeal;

perhaps once a month for starters?

It wouldn’t do to overdo, after all

I’m not a risk taker.


I’ll need a prompt though;

reminder (green), brief window (blue).

But my diary is in conflict, so what if

there’s an APP?   Maybe there’s an APP!      I’ll go looking.


©Leigh Hay 2019